RKCI is a club for evaluation, authentication and certification of various dog breeds bred in India. We provide breed authentication certificates to dog owners, breeders and traders to ensure that they purchase or sell dogs with correct breed of desired characters. We also ensure that dogs without a particular breed characters that we call ROYAL BREEDS are adopted and reared in society by increasing awareness about them through our shows, activities and providing special certification to them. We take extra effort to enlist special and useful characters of Royal Breeds region wise in India so that to invoke interest in general public about them. We hold dog shows across India to increase awareness about various breeds of dogs and their characters and to improve man animal relationship. We also ensure that pedigree of a litter be provided to pet owner so that they should be aware of purity of their breed and any inherited disease, threat for this we request all pet owners and breeders to furnish correct information to us at time of their registration and help us in our cause. THANKS